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Colonoscopy instructions can be overwhelming.

We want you to have the easiest experience possible, and we are here for you every step of the way. Please call us with any questions.

Colon Prep Guide

Before your procedure

We want the day of your surgery to be a seamless experience, without filling out endless pages of paperwork. Our registration is designed to be quick and easy and completing our form should take you 10-15 minutes. Please have your insurance information handy.

The day of your procedure

When you arrive at Yuma Endoscopy, you’ll need to check-in at the front desk to verify personal, escort and insurance information. Be sure to read our Procedure Guide for all the details on how you can prepare for your surgery.

After your procedure

Offering easy to understand recovery instructions for you and your family is our priority. Be sure to arrange a ride option for arriving home safely after your procedure. Read through our After Procedure Guide for more important information.

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